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Financial Inclusion And Rural Entrepreneurship

Looking at the current economic scenario it is somewhat absurd in context of talking about normal growth. Although getting a satisfactory growth rate in agriculture, manufacturing, transport, communication, real estate, information technology and service sector by inclusion of high tech models and reforms, rural entrepreneurship isn't getting a good ambience to flourish.  1950-51 2020-21 National Income 269724 Crores 11718380 Crores Per Capita National Income 7513 86456 (annual growth rate 3.55%) Economic inequality is a common thing. Almost everyone gets how it brought social change and disparity among people. Reasons could be anything such as lack of clarity in current business models, worst norms or low level of economic idea execution.  Rural areas have several problems and some remain unsolved from the beginning of democracy. The most common problems that rural areas have are poverty, illiteracy, poor health and unemployment.    Rural entrepreneurship is just the h