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Budget 2024-25: Receipt, Expenditure, Deficit and Allocations

 The recently unveiled budget for the fiscal year has earmarked significant allocations for key ministries, reflecting the government's priorities and focus areas. The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer's Welfare leads with a substantial ₹6.2 Lakh Crore, emphasizing the paramount importance of the agricultural sector. Other notable allocations include ₹2.55 Lakh Crore for Defence, ₹2.78 Lakh Crore for Communications, and ₹2.13 Lakh Crore for Road Transport and Highways. These figures underscore the government's commitment to various sectors crucial for national development and welfare.

MinistryAllocation (in ₹ Lakh Crore)
Ministry of Defence2.55
Ministry of Road Transport and Highways2.13
Ministry of Railways1.68
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution2.03
Ministry of Home Affairs1.77
Ministry of Rural Development1.37
Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers1.68
Ministry of Communications2.78
Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer's Welfare6.2

These figures represent the budget allocations for the specified ministries in ₹ Lakh Crore.

Budget At Glance

2022-2023 Actuals2023-2024 Budget Estimates2023-2024 Revised Estimates2024-2025 Budget Estimates
1. Revenue Receipts2,383,2062,632,2812,699,7133,001,275
- Tax Revenue¹2,097,7862,330,6312,323,9182,601,574
- Non-Tax Revenue285,421301,650375,795399,701
4. Capital Receipts1,809,9511,870,8161,790,7731,764,494
- Recovery of Loans26,16123,00026,00029,000
- Other Receipts46,03561,00030,00050,000
- Borrowings and Other Liabilities²1,737,7551,786,8161,734,7731,685,494
8. Total Receipts (1+4)4,193,1574,503,0974,490,4864,765,768
9. Total Expenditure (10+13)4,193,1574,503,0974,490,4864,765,768
- On Revenue Account3,453,1323,502,1363,540,2393,654,657
- Interest Payments928,5171,079,9711,055,4271,190,440
- Grants in Aid for creation of Capital Account306,264369,988321,190385,582
- On Capital Account740,0251,000,961950,2461,111,111
14. Effective Capital Expenditure (12+13)1,046,2891,370,9491,271,4361,496,693
15. Revenue Deficit (10-1)1,069,926869,855840,527653,383
16. Effective Revenue Deficit (15-12)763,662499,867519,337267,801
17. Fiscal Deficit [9-(1+5+6)]1,737,7551,786,8161,734,7731,685,494
18. Primary Deficit (17-11)809,238706,845679,346495,054

Note: Figures in brackets represent percentages as a ratio to Gross Domestic Product

Transfer of Resources to States and Union Territories with Legislature" in ₹ Crore

2022-2023 Actuals2023-2024 Revised Estimates2024-2025 Budget Estimates
I. Devolution of States share in taxes948,4061,104,4941,219,783
II. Some Important Items of Transfer120,366160,986188,703
- Assistance to States from NDRF1,6667,00011,474
- Back to Back Loans to States in lieu of GST Compensation Shortfall000
- Externally Added Projects - Grants4,6985,0008,000
- Externally Aided Projects-Loan28,18829,50033,900
- Schemes of North East Council202829
- Schemes under Provision to Article 275(1) of the Constitution9779071,300
- Special Assistance as Loan to States for Capital Expenditure81,195105,551130,000
- Special Assistance under the demand - Transfers to States2,27113,0004,000
- Special Central Assistance to Tribal Area under the Demand - Ministry of Tribal Affairs1,35200
III. Finance Commission Grants172,760140,429132,378
- Grant for local bodies - Urban Bodies17,77919,22225,653
- Grant for local bodies - Rural Bodies45,57840,77849,800
- Grants for Health Sector3,3094,0006,004
- Grants for Incubation of new Cities0200500
- Grants for shared Municipal Services090250
- Grants-in-Aid for SDRF16,39319,57320,550
- Grants-in-Aid for State Disaster Mitigation Fund3,5004,8935,138
- Post Devolution Revenue Deficit Grants86,20151,67324,483
IV. Total Transfer to States [Other than (I)+(II)+(III)]566,884636,300681,400
- Under Centrally Sponsored Schemes (Revenue)405,918439,314479,526
- Under Central Sector Schemes (Revenue)12,86764,17258,938
- Under Other Categories of Expenditure (Revenue)148,098132,712142,833
- Capital Transfers2101103
V. Total Transfer to Delhi, Puducherry and Jammu & Kashmir56,19956,75752,277
- Under Centrally Sponsored Schemes (Revenue)7,05510,16210,343
- Under Central Sector Schemes (Revenue)362287219
- Under Other Categories of Expenditure (Revenue)48,78246,30841,715
- Capital Transfers000
Total Transfer to States/UTs1,864,6152,098,9662,274,541