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Top Performers: 22 CPSEs that Scored ‘Excellent’ Ratings for FY 2021-22

  In the landscape of Central Public Sector Undertakings (CPSEs), the financial year 2021-22 saw an impressive cohort of 22 entities achieving the prestigious ‘excellent’ ratings for their exemplary performance. These CPSEs demonstrated resilience, efficiency, and strategic acumen, earning them commendation within the sector. Let's delve into the list of these outstanding performers: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Bharat Electronics Limited Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Coal India Limited Container Corporation of India Limited Engineers India Limited GAIL (India) Limited Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Indian Oil Corporation Limited Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited National Aluminium Company Limited National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited National Fertilizers Limited National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited National Mineral Development Corporation Limited Oil India Limited Power Grid Corporation of India Limited Ra

Coal India: Fueling Growth and Sustainability

As of December 6, 2023, Coal India Limited (CIL) stands firm with its share price at ₹355.55 on the NSE/BSE, marking a modest yet encouraging 0.23% increase. However, what truly captures attention is the remarkable trajectory the company has charted in recent times. Over the last four weeks, Coal India has showcased a robust gain of 12.24%, while in the past 12 months, its stock price has surged impressively by 52.98%. These figures signify a notable upward momentum, reflecting investor confidence and positive market sentiment towards the company. Delving deeper into the financial metrics, Coal India portrays solid fundamentals. With a Price-to-Earnings (PE) Ratio of approximately 7.81 and an Earnings per Share (EPS) standing at ₹45.53 for the Trailing Twelve Months, the company exhibits stability and resilience. Furthermore, its Market Capitalization (MCap) stands tall at ₹2,19,115 crore, underscoring its significant presence in the market. Notably, Coal India offers investors an attr

Role of Public Sector enterprises in India

We may enumerate below the various arguments put forth in support of the public sector in India. 1. Maximizing the rate of economic growth : Originally, the activity of the public sector enterprises was to be limited to a definite field of basic and key industries of strategic importance. There were certain fields where the private enterprise was shy to operate as they involved huge investment or risk. It was the public sector alone which could build the economic overheads such as power, transport, etc. Since then the ideological objective of capturing the “commanding heights” by the public-vector bas been duly fulfilled, it succeeded in creating the necessary infrastructural base for sustained industrial growth. It has tremendously boosted the technological capabilities. The public enterprises have firmly established the foundation for the construction of a self-generating, industrial economy. During the planned era, the public sector has-diversified its activities to cover a wide